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Monday, April 29, 2013

Mother's Day Shop Sale

  Hi ladies!

Every mom likes to feel pretty and appreciated.  
Help her celebrate the wonderful blessings 
of motherhood with a beautiful piece of handcrafted jewelry.  
We're running a sale in the shop starting today thru Thursday 5/2 
with 20% off AND free shipping!

Happy shopping!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Nurturing yourself | You are what you eat

There's no way around it.  You simply are what you eat.
Our bodies are wonderfully complex packages filled with intricate systems and delicate balances.
  How can we expect it to function 
optimally if we are not nourishing it properly?!

This is not about weight, though you will undoubtedly see some benefits there too.
It's about feeling your best.  Odds are you're probably not even aware of not feeling well 
until you start to experience what "feeling well" is really like.
It's about being your best.  The best example you can be for others.

Hello, my name is Krista and I am a sugar addict.  
That's right, bring on the chocolates and every cookie variety under the sun.  
Don't even get me started on icing.  I'll slather it on anything.
For a while now eating sugar has been giving me major headaches.  
Do you think I listened to my body?
Well, not until recently and even now it is still a struggle that I don't always win.

What's your vice?
Maybe you don't feel like you really have one. 
 But consider this.  
We are fearfully and wonderfully made by the ultimate Creator.  
Don't you think He would provide us with the perfect nutrients to care for ourselves?
I believe that everyone's nutritional needs are unique to them but
there's no doubt there are all natural foods out there that can support them all.

 I certainly still struggle with eating healthy but I have been able to incorporate
so much more fruits and vegetables into my diet.
And I have decreased the amount of sugar and processed foods that I consume.
My complexion has improved, my weight has improved,
and my general feeling of health has improved.
It's all part of nurturing myself and striving to be the best I
can be inside and out.

I don't strictly follow any particular diet/eating plan out there.
I've simply been experimenting with new natural foods and finding out what works for me
and I strongly encourage you to do the same.

I've looked into clean eating, organic eating, sugarless eating, paleo eating,
and gluten free eating.  There's a little something from all of these that can
be taken away and applied to your own eating habits.

Below are some great links that have helped me and I hope will help you too.

1. Eight Steps to stop feeling like crap
2. Living lifestyle
3. Snack idea to cut out processed foods
4. Detox your body
5. What is clean eating?
(for some reason it will not let me link this one for you,
please copy and paste in browser to view

I'm getting more into organically grown produce, we don't realize what
the toxins on our produce are doing to our bodies.
Here's a quick cheat sheet on what is best to by organically grown.

Mostly I just want to encourage people to think twice about what they
are putting into their bodies.  It's not as hard as you think to make changes.
Yes it takes a little prior planning at first but you've conquered
harder things right? :)

Happy and healthy eating friends!

Friday, April 12, 2013

All the world praises Him

I want to share something amazing with you.

If you've been following along for a while you know
how I feel about K-Love Radio.
Well on my morning commute the other day they played something
that knocked me in the chest and brought me to tears.

Did you know that stars make sound?
Hear for yourself.
Take a few minutes to listen to this video.
I strongly encourage you to listen to the whole thing, trust me it is worth it.

...but if you don't have much time start at the 8 minute mark.

The limits of our humanness keep us from hearing this but
you can start to imagine what all God hears.
A veritable symphony of glorious song
all set to praise His name.
It's the very essence of our existence,
this innate hymn of praise.
Even our very heartbeats contribute to this intricate chorus.
No sound is to soft for our God to hear.

Of course we're familiar with this notion of all of creation singing His praises,
 but this video made it so much more real for me and I just HAD to share it with you too.

I truly hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Happy Friday all!
Wishing you a blessed weekend!

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wish granted

 My youngest recently had his 4th birthday but he gifted us with a precious memory.

After blowing out his candle and making his birthday wish, we asked him what he wished for.

His reply was "I wished for us to be a family forever".

Not for a new toy or video game.

Not for any "thing".

Just to be a family forever.
(Cue Daddy and I as puddles on the floor)

Such sweet and pure moments need to be savored and remembered.

Well wish granted my little man, a family we shall forever be.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Nurturing yourself | Self Talk

What does love look like?
Well it can be big like letting someone live with you until they get back on their feet
or it can be small like sharing a smile with a stranger at the grocery store.
While I'm striving to love more on others, I find that I need to love a little on me too.
It honestly fuels me to be even more giving to others.
Its about really trying to be your own best friend.
Often I find it easy to be encouraging to others but not as much to myself.
Really start separating yourself and say "if my best friend was experiencing this what would I tell her?" 
Developing positive self talk is a critical part nurturing yourself.

1.  It starts with awareness.
You need to start paying attention to how you think.
Negative thoughts can creep up like a ninja in the night, you don't even know they're there.
It so easy to think you can't do something or its too difficult but anytime you
catch yourself saying this, turn your "can't" into "can's".
 If you don't believe it is possible then it is definitely impossible.
Become your own personal cheerleader :)

2. Bring on the positive affirmations. 
One way I've done this is to use post-it notes.
I'll write little positive affirmations and stick them on the bathroom mirror, inside a cabinet door,
anywhere you will see them throughout the day.
The key is not to ignore them, when you see it, say it outloud to yourself.
I know, you're worried you'll look like a crazy person saying these things to yourself but really,
aren't you worth it?  Yes, you are!
Alright, say them silently if you must but stop what your doing for
just a split second and truly focus on what it says.

3. Take a look around you. 
What type of people do you spend your time with?
Do you work in a negative environment?  Just close your door, or do you're best not to
chit chat with the complainers.  I'm not saying to be rude to them, just don't prolong
or encourage the negative conversation.  Is there negativity in your house?
Try to sit down with your spouse/family and have an honest discussion about
what the negativity does to you and politely ask for everyone's effort to look on the bright side.
I guarantee everyone will see the benefits immediately.
We have seen this in our own home.
When we're all on board, it's amazing how much happier we all are. 

4. Break it down.  
If your like me, all the responsibilities and commitments come
 crashing down on you and you're freaking out before you know it.  Take a deep breath.
Count to 10 (these really do work!).  Focus on what you can do right now.
This takes the focus off of what you can't control and brings it back onto what you can.
And when you feel like you can achieve some sort of small accomplishment,
you'll feel less overwhelmed and more empowered.

5. Give it to God.
You are a unique being that was created out of pure love.
When you really start to believe that, your life will change.
Pray on it.  Don't be afraid to ask God to help you see yourself as He sees you.
This is something I struggled with for a while, feeling like I was not "worthy" of love,
success, happiness.  But the Truth shall set you free.

I urge you to really reflect on how you speak to yourself and
encourage you to be kind to that girl in the mirror.

I leave you with one final thought....

Happy Wednesday friends!

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